no matter your goals, no matter your past experience, 

we are committed to changing your expectation

of what fitness can be and should be.

At Comfy Fitness, we exercise to live, not live to exercise. So our overall goal is to improve your quality of life through Functional Fitness training.

Our methodology corrects imbalances, increases range of motion, strengthens the core and relieves chronic pain.

When your body is able to move efficiently and effectively through all planes of motion, it becomes your constant ally, helping you move freely and joyfully through life.



  • pain reduction

  • increased strength

  • better endurance

  • increased range of motion

  • improved posture

  • fat loss

  • leading an active life

  • lower anxiety, heart rate, and blood pressure

  • better pre & post natal health for mommas

  • a new found LOVE and commitment to exercise

  • a new found LOVE and appreciation of your body

comfy fitness offers customizable monthly memberships to ensure our community’s consistency and success.

memberships range from $210 - $640 a month depending on training preference, location and frequency.

schedule a consultation to customize a membership that suits your needs.