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Friday Unwind: Releasing the Upper Back & Expanding Breath

Are you hunched over your screen all day long? Do you often feel your tension living in the muscles of your shoulders and neck? And then do you feel like no matter how much you pull them down, they always seem to float right back up? Are tension headaches a recurring presence for you? You may want to consider freeing up some space for this class on Friday night if you said yes.

Clinical Essential Somatics is a very gentle modality of movement that allows you the space to experience yourself from within, and see where your body is capable of releasing and where it is not. Through very slow movements called Pandiculation, you will re-educate your body at the level of the nervous system how to lengthen and release.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out. This movement can be structured and created for anyone. 

Free for Comfy members and $10 for drop-ins. If you'd like to join by Zoom, please message Comfy Fitness and we will send you a link. See you Friday to unwind!

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