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Go Foam Yourself: A Self Care Foam Rolling Workshop

We all work a little too hard and we all love on ourselves a little too little. Let's take care of our bodies, especially when we have tension and stress. We can be more productive and take better care of each other when we feel good! 

This workshop is designed to teach you how to give yourself a massage, knowing we don't always have time or money to get regular massages. The foam roller is amazing for releasing tension, improving flexibility, increasing circulation throughout the body, and even helping to prevent injury if you do it right!

Come learn some basic techniques for a full body massage experience, find out how NOT to foam roll, plus learn how to get into some of those juicy trigger points! We'll talk about practical ways to incorporate foam rolling into your daily life. Who knows, once you start the habit, maybe more self care will follow!

Angela Lynn is a certified Thai Yoga Massage therapist and AcroYoga practitioner (partner acrobatic yoga) who's passionate about helping people live their most radiant lives, especially through self care. She a perpetual idealist who believes if we lift ourselves up, we can lift others up too, and create the world we want to see.

BYO Foam roller and join for $30. Don't have your own roller, no worries!! Pay an extra $5 and get your own new roller!!