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About Women: As Soon As...We all say it and need to STOP!

We all say it. “As soon as I do this, then I can do that.” As soon as....I lose weight, Monday comes, January 1, this project is done, my kids grow up, I’m confident, my doubts go away, I’m happy, my anxiety goes away, etc. We have all said a version of this. Maybe we are looking for perfection, maybe it’s procrastination, or a combination of both. What would happen if we just start NOW? Let’s talk about our desire to be perfect. Let’s talk about our feeling of doing it “tomorrow.”

Let’s talk about this. Let’s figure this out together. Please join the judgment-free convHERsation. We will also hear from 4 different women as they share their personal story on this topic. All women that speak are regular, everyday women.

Lesley Pearl
Diandra Dee
Kira Elliott
Fat Heauxs: Elizabeth Gomez & Adrienne Gunn

This is a judgment-free convHERsation. There will also be a Q&A portion of the evening. And if you want to just listen, that is ok too.

This is a safe space to hear different sides of the story.
Upstairs of Pizzeria Serio - 1708 W. Belmont, Chicago
Food and drinks available for purchase.
Half-price bottles of wine.
Half-price appetizers.
$5 in advance (Available until 1pm day of show)
$10 at the door

Also - for those that got this invite - this event is open to ALL WOMEN and WOMEN-IDENTIFIED - so please share this event with your lady friends. The more women that come, the sooner we change the world - for the better. THANK YOU! (By the way, we are NOT anti-men. Men are amazing! But this event is for women only.)