Making My Way to a Comfy Lifestyle

Making My Way to a Comfy Lifestyle

So here’s a confession: I’m a personal trainer, I am deeply curious about fitness and nutrition, I love strengthening the body, both mine and others’, but I am really, really lazy in my own practice of fitness.

I was offered to join Comfy Lifestyle as I was just starting my new career as a personal trainer at Comfy Fitness. I took the opportunity with gusto and curiosity, but I had next to no knowledge on what to expect. For those of you who are also curious but unsure about the program, I’d like to share my experience.

The False Idol of Thinness

A raging feminist, I’m fairly used to seeing think pieces and blog posts in my newsfeed combating the prevailing narrative of (feminine) beauty being reserved for the chosen “thin” and “skinny” and “small.” This particular article, however, caught my attention because it attacks the problem of the “waif-beauty” ideal from a different angle.