a 12 week journey to healthy living

Ready for your habit changing adventure?

Comfy Lifestyle is not a meal plan or an exercise regimen. It’s a coaching and accountability program based on the life that you already lead.

Gain deeper awareness of your life as it currently is. Find the flexibility and freedom to make gradual changes that put you on the path to lifelong well-being. As a Comfy Lifestyler, you’ll navigate the world of healthy living through three key elements: Awareness, Education and Statistics.

On your journey, you’ll discover what’s real in the world of wellness, what you’ve been doing that’s working and not working, and how to alter the trajectory of your path. We form a close community to support each member through their own individual journeys, without the judgment of what is right or wrong, good or bad.

Through 12 weeks and 4 modules, you’ll experience weekly one-on-one coaching, weekly community coaching, an education on health like you’ve never received, and discovery around what’s been holding you back.

Our next round of Comfy Lifestyle starts January 6th!

Just in time for those New Year’s resolutions.

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