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Sitting is the new smoking. In fact, ‘Sitting Disease’ has become an epidemic responsible for increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, obesity and shorter life span. 

Consistent activity and exercise has proven to not only counter these risks, but also provide a smattering of adaptations specifically beneficial to your office ecosystem. 


  • Reduce Stress
  • Build Brain Cells & Function
  • Increase Energy
  • Sharpen Memory
  • Boost Creativity
  • And, Most Importantly... Boost Productivity

For this reason Comfy Fitness Corporate Training is specifically designed with the 9‐5er in mind.

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The @Work Out
Offering specialized services in functional training, Yoga and Pilates, Comfy Fitness can provide exactly the type of in‐house fitness that is most beneficial for your team! The @Work Out gets your office moving anywhere from one to three times a week.

@Work Out Pricing
1 Year: $110/session
2 Quarters: $130/session
1 Quarter: $140/session
Single Session: $150/session

Office Activity Circuit
Regular spurts of activities are incredibly effective in lowering the risks of Sitting Disease. A Comfy Fitness professional will assess your work space and construct a short office circuit that your team can complete multiple times throughout the day. This brief break from the desk on a regular basis greatly reduces your team members’ chance of heart disease, not to mention chronic pain and sickness, boredom/sleepiness and even crummy moods. Contact us for a custom price quote.

Office Wellness Week ­
What do you do for National Workplace Wellness Week? Oh, nothing? Well it’s been a ‘thing’ since 2008. The pros at Comfy Fitness customize activities and education based on your team’s health interests and wellness needs. We create programs for a single day up to an entire week to bring true engagement to your Wellness Week (psst ... it’s the first week of April). Contact us for a custom price quote.