behavioral & motivational counseling

Initial Intake Session

If you're well aware of what it takes to reach your health goals but are still having difficulty achieving them, you may have some obstacles standing in your way: time, or lack thereof, stress, family, work or the elusive unknown. An individual initial assessment with our behavioral counselor can help determine what is keeping you from meeting your goals. Self-pay rate is $155, with sliding scale options, and is billable through Blue Cross insurance.

Continuing Care Sessions
Following the initial assessment our behavioral counselor will assist you in examining, understanding, and overcoming your individual obstacles. Through goal setting and accountability, our counselor helps you balance your life and your self, learning to make your own health a priority so that you can more easily manage every other priority in your life.

Based on your needs, you and your counselor may decide to continue weekly, biweekly, monthly, or a few times a year as needed. Whatever the frequency of continuation, having increased emotional support as you maintain persistence toward your goals will be imperative. These sessions are $150 for self-pay clients with sliding scale options available. Continuing Care is also billable through Blue Cross insurance.